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What am I doing?

May 10, 2011

I hope this won’t be a fad.

I first tried to use Tumblr, a website similar in nature, with no success.  The user interface proved to be more complicated than I was willing to deal with– and didn’t feel like learning how to use.  So now there’s WordPress.

I’ve often wondered whether it is a good idea to be posting thoughts and feelings onto an online site– after all… you never know who may stumble upon it and feel differently than you do.  For now I’ll give it a chance.

So what should my blog be about? I have no intention of blogging about my own life.  I keep that private and it will stay that way.  However I am an avid news reader and have a great deal of passion for certain studies, and it is these studies on which I will focus.

And what may this passion be? Well… it is the nature of religious studies– Islamic Studies in particular.  I am fascinated by all things Middle Eastern, and Islam is a religion I find far more interesting to learn about than the others (no offense!).  After I obtain my undergrad degree in history, I will purse a degree in Islamic Studies at the PhD level (wish me luck).  So with this blog, I’ll post random insights on whatever I find in the news, textbooks, articles, and other scholarly works somewhere in those lovely archives.

That’s all for now!

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