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The InterFaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington

June 22, 2011

Created in 1978, the InterFaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington (IFC) brings together eleven historic faith communities to promote dialogue, understanding and a sense of community among persons of diverse faiths and to work cooperatively for social and economic justice in metropolitan Washington.

Baha’i.  Buddhist.  Hindu.  Islamic.  Jain.  Jewish.  Latter-day Saints.  Protestant.  Roman Catholic.  Sikh.  Zoroastrian.

I love my job.

I really do!  Now that I’ve been at my job for a little over two weeks, I think it’s safe to say I can write down my impressions.  I work with some of the nicest people in Washington.  The people here remind me very much of the type of people who work at Stockton: super friendly, super helpful, and extremely open-minded and understanding.  It’s so nice to go to a job where I know people of all faiths, races, genders, orientations, ethnicities, etc. are celebrated for who they are– wonderful :]

My organization was the FIRST of its kind to unite members of the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic communities back in 1978, and has been given international acclaim for what it does, too.

I wasn’t sure what avenue I wanted to explore this summer for an internship.  Originally I had wanted to be placed with an organization that dealt with Middle Eastern affairs, but then all those places needed legitimate graduate degree professionals to help figure out what to do once the revolution had spread!  But thanks to taking a wonderful course at my home institution, I was intrigued by interfaith relations, and I put that in my application.  Eventually I was matched up with the IFC and it has been a great experience ever since :]

My internship is based around drafting the latest supplement to the organization’s Teaching About Religion (TAR) book.  So far a book on symbols and a book on values have been published.  Now it’s my turn to have a go at it and this summer I will be working to create a book on each religion’s stance for the environment.  I look forward to reading each faith community’s submission about their stance on the environment, and I think it will be a wonderful project.

Because I am a Facebook and Youtube whiz, I’ve also asked if I could help broaden their social media presence on the internet.  I would love to get the message out about my organization so that people from all corners of the globe know about the wonderful work they do.

So.  How can YOU get involved with the IFC?

  1. Check out their website!
  2. If you have a FB account, please join the IFC fan page as well as the IFC group.
  3. Participate in a moderated online chat each Friday (details seen on FB event) at this site.
  4. Check out their Youtube page, and broaden your horizons!
  5. Sign up for their newsletter here!
  6. Participate in events such as the 9/11 Unity Walk, the Bridge Builders’ Awards, InterFaith Dinner Dialogues, or the InterFaith Concert (please visit the website for more info).
  7. And you can always make a donation! Thanks!
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