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A Capitol Fourth! Or, as I like to call it, I COULD HAVE TOUCHED STEVE MARTIN

July 4, 2011

Yeah you read the title correctly (and it’s not a double entendre either so don’t go there).  Steve Martin and me go way back.

And by that I mean I stood behind a stanchion twelve feet back from him.

But that’s good enough, right?!

This July 4th, friends and I got together to watch “A Capitol Fourth”, DC’s Independence Day concert aired on PBS.  Performers included Jordin Sparks, Kelli O’Hara, Matthew Morrison, Steve Martin (bff), Little Richard, and a rockabilly impersonators all hosted by Jimmy Smits and the National Symphony Orchestra.

We left at 4pm to get good seats.  So let’s talk about that.

Did you know that if you arrive about four hours early for this concert, you are still going to get bad seats?!  If it wasn’t for our next door neighbor who said she had friends who had already been waiting we would have been stuck way in the back! (Kind of like where we were sitting for the Memorial Day Concert).  Thank YOU next door neighbor and dedicated next door neighbor’s friends!

We had fantastic seats for those of us low-lifes who cannot sit in the folding chairs (who was sitting in those chairs anyway??).

Main stage

The weather was a little crummy– we had to deal with intermittent rain and bad visibility conditions for the fireworks– but that didn’t stop anyone in the crowd from having a great time!  We saw on the jumbotron as people were jiving to rockabilly impersonators and going crazy when Little Richard was playing.  And when Matthew Morrison and Jordin Sparks performed, there was a din of little fan girls (and not so little fan girls) screaming to their celeb crush and idols.

The performances were all amazing and if you ever go to DC on the fourth, I highly recommend you put this on your to-do list.  You won’t regret celebrating the proud spirit of your independence with record breaking bumper to bumper crowds all over the Capitol, National Mall, and Potomac River!  You just gotta get there early and wait :]

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