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A City unto Myself

July 10, 2011

Because sometimes you just gotta get out there yourself.

There are certain days where I wake up thinking, okay Lillian, this is your solo day– just take time to reflect and be by yourself. So with that intention I took to the streets to find the National Law Enforcement Memorial, but ended up with a fantastic day full of sights and city sounds.

Transportation costs in DC add up very quickly (and painfully when you’re only an intern), so I took to the streets on foot.  One of my favorite places to walk around is Chinatown, full of loud noises coming at you from every side. I walked from there to Archives where the Navy Memorial is located.  I took time to look at the embossed stones and reflect upon what they said.  I was proud of my father who had served as a commander in the Navy, and was thankful for each person who has become a part of something higher than himself.

From the Navy Memorial I headed over to one of my favorite solo spots in DC, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.  I would often stop here on weekends or on a free day to eat my lunch or sit down and take a break while reflecting on the enormity of the memorial.  Two low lying walls bend around a reflecting pool and colonnade to form an oval-like walking area.  From a distance these short walls appear as walls and nothing more.  A closer look reveals thousands of names of police officers who have died in the line of duty.  It is saddening to see how many names are embossed into the walls but the memorial is very respectful.  I like to stop and rest at this place because it always seemed to be one of the “quiet” spots in the city.

If I knew how to make separate photo galleries in this blog, I would.  I’m working on it!

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