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A light at the end of the tunnel

February 22, 2012

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Last week I met with my thesis advisor and handed him my tiny little thesis-in-the-works.  I didn’t like what I had (I usually never do) and gave him about forty reasons why nothing was good in my paper.  He seemed to like what was there which astounded me, but what was even crazier was him casually mentioning the Day of Scholarship being held next month.

Each year our college has a Day of Scholarship where professors (and a few students) share the latest in their research or what they have recently published.  It’s not a day to brag about what you’ve done but a day to learn about your colleagues are doing and what others outside your field are researching (in which case you just nod your head and smile when they talk about the nitrification of oxygen moving through rivers, or something like that).

My advisor grumbles a lot (in a nice way) as if there is always something he’s contemplating in his head.  I asked if he was specifically asking me to present and I got one of his grumble grumbles.  The next day I had another professor ask me to present and I told him while I didn’t feel confident, I would do it.

It’s kind of a nice incentive, you know?  Just when you want to give up (which these days is every day) you have a reason to keep going.  Someone put your faith in you or saw something you did not see in yourself, and they want you to keep going.  So do it for them!

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  1. Marion Hussong permalink
    February 22, 2012 17:23

    Keep going, it’s a good thing to be asked to participate in the DoS!

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