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A note on taking pride in your school.

February 25, 2012

As I’ve mentioned in just about all of my posts, I love my school and am grateful beyond words for it giving me the opportunities it has.  Today the leadership development section of my school hosted an event in which students learned more about networking and professionalism and today I met someone who failed so terribly on both accounts– someone so egregious in nature that if I ever encounter him again I will thank him for forever being my living example as how not to act.

At the end of the program students, alumni, and local business people sat down for a networking luncheon.  I chose to sit down at this individual’s table because he was alone (I suppose that should have been my first sign).  We introduced ourselves and I asked him if he enjoyed our school’s newest building.  His retort was that he helped design the building and said so in a very ostentatious manner (the second sign).   He then asked me what major I was in and when I replied “history”, ———he cut me off and began lambasting the program.

Hold up.

You are here as a professional, representing past alumni, representing future opportunities to up and coming leaders.  And you said what?

When you tell me that you think the history program is “clickish”, back up your statements.  When you tell me that professors in the department are “choosy”, by all means, clarify.  When you said your son wasn’t accepted into the program and felt unwelcome, do some research.  Because last I checked, students in my OUTSTANDING major come from all walks of life.  There are poor people, there are insanely rich people, and there are people everywhere in between.  We have white people, we have black people, we have Asians, we have Spanish and Latinos, we have Middle Eastern, we have Central and South Asian, we have it ALL.  There are Jews, Christians, Muslims, atheists, agnostics, spiritual, practitioners of Eastern religion, and those who simply are undecided.  We have straight people and we have gay people.  We have people with learning disorders and people with disabilities.  So tell me how we’re “clickish”, please tell me.  And last I checked, if you wanted to be accepted into the program, you had to go to Upper D-Wing, fill out a change of major form, and that was it.  So before all the other statements you made, you began with one huge fallacy.  You know what DOES unite everyone in my department though?  The fact that we are all passionate, we all work incredibly hard, and we are dedicated to learning more about ourselves, the world, and where we fit in.

Anyone who thinks they can bash the professors at this school is crossing a serious line with me, especially if they attack the history department.  “Choosy”, you say?  If I remember correctly, and I believe I do as I’ve done it at least eight times, THE STUDENT chooses the class, not the other way around.  But you know what?  If you work your ass off, if you show your professors that you are dedicated to your studies, passionate about research, and show willingness to be tested to your full capabilities, then they will reward you beyond belief. That’s being chosen for a reason.  Don’t tell me there’s petty favoritism going on.  It just isn’t there.  These professors are almost all ivy league, they’re not bullshitters.  But this individual, he was.

The last point I want to make refers to his supposed role as an individual, and this is my final point I make to anyone reading this who takes pride in their school: defend it.  When this individual starting talking trash and saying he knew of many students who told him they couldn’t wait to get out, that they wished to have enrolled somewhere else, or that they thought this place was a nightmare, think twice about who you say it to.  This man has never seen me in his life, but has been entrusted to uphold pride in his alma mater, motivate students, and tell them all the great things that come out of that education.  That’s what you wanted to tell me first?  All the bad things you’ve heard about the school and your son’s personal issues that were probably his own damn fault?  They say it takes one bad first impression to ruin it forever.  No school is ever perfect, and mine is included in that.  But if you love your program, you love your faculty, you love your school, and you love what it stands for from its conception, speak out.  Tell that fool why they’re wrong [politely] and tell them that your school has done something for you that has changed your life.  Do for them as they were supposed to do for you: tell them the great things that have gone on at your school and the success everyone can achieve if they apply themselves.

And if he still doesn’t listen, you can always report it to the higher ups ;D

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    February 25, 2012 19:18

    Seriously???? This jerk needs to sit in a history class one of these days. His son must’ve been either an idiot or a total jerk! Who has clicks in college? This isn’t Mean Girls lol

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